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michael haverhals

On time and under budget shouldn’t be a goal – it should be the rule. You get there by seeing through the clutter, recognizing what needs to be done, and doing it. Don’t get distracted by what belt to wear when you don’t even have your pants on. And no excuses about “waiting on something that’s jamming up the critical path.” If it’s that critical, don't wait - go get it done. Know your priorities and get them done. Period.


Coordinated marketing campaigns, contractors, and spend at DoctorBase to achieve an average cost-per-lead of under $11 per doctor

Designed the network architecture for various telecommunication services while coordinating the physical construction and maintenance of the Metro Area Network through hands-on involvement with multiple labor groups & construction crews

Managed the scope & budget of concurrent projects by creating project plans, allocating resources, and performing cost analysis while meeting deadlines for time-sensitive projects

Programmed onsite CNC machinery for CAD/CAM related manufacturing of parts and created specifications used to secure patents while also assuming responsibility for digital drafting, technical documentation, and archival of all product information

The BellHaves Implementation of a Voice-over-IP Centrex Service Offering
A business case analysis of three VoIP solutions for a fictional Regional Bell Operating Company